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Share your interests with others you meet, fill in and they will see.

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We've made it super simple to chat with each others.

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Seeking some fun? Navigate to the latest local event nearby.

APP for making friends

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around you

In our special feature Events you can attend and create happenings from all over the world and nearby

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Explore what is around you

Our interactive livemap allows you to explore, and play around with things happening around you.

Local Happenings

Businesses and people can post their own events that will appear on your live map if you are nearby.

Live Map

You can see your existing friends easily on the map if they've enabled it of course! Privacy matters to us.

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We are available in both App Store & Google Play, in all markets.

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From our users


This app have helped me find new friends without feeling obligated to ''date'' anyone. Feels amazing to finally find new ''Nearby'' Friends

This app is awsome

Cool application for travelers and people that moves alot. Plenty of opportunities and it is more than just a swiping application.

Cool new app

The nearby app is something everyone should have. When i have traveled around it would have been great to have an like Nearby to meet New Friends and find activities nearby. This is great for both youth and grown-ups. I recommend nearby if you also feel lonely sometimes or would like to meet people for common activities or socializing.

Nearby app is

Best application for making new friends and finding events in you area

Made so many new friends

Appen gjør det mye enklere å finne på ting i nærområdet

Så enkel å bruke
Henrik H.

Nearby app has really helped me found a lot of new friends nearby. We have moved and traveled from city to city, Nearby applicaiton has really been a huge asset for me.

Nearby application a huge asset

Nearby app make new friend. I love this app and this is my favourite app

Favourite app
Miti Sonam

Very helpful app to make new friends. Highly recommend

Highly recommend
Rachel Metcalse

Nearby app design is amazing. Apperciate

Nice Design
Jude Powell Sifate

This is very popular app. Most of the people use this app.

Popular app
Joe Holden Eufendi

The app is best app in the world. Very enjoyable and interesting. Apperciated

Best app
Harley Pitar

This is really a nice app for making friends.

Very nice app
Ekka Howarth Danial